Tithe Challenge – Week 3 – Our Protector

I have prayed for you this week.  Last week we looked at God’s promise to “open the floodgates of heaven” (Malachi 3:10) – like the Genesis flood, to pour out an abundance of blessings.   We have seen that God asks us to “test him” in this area of giving our 10%.   This week we will look at his promise to “prevent pests from devouring” our income.

Let’s look at Malachi 3, verse 11.   This verse begins literally, “And I will prevent pests from devouring your crops.” (NIV)  It contains another promise that is connected to His promise to “throw open the floodgates of heaven.” Not only would God would “pour out” abundant blessings (v. 10); he also promises to “prevent pests from devouring”  your income. 

 Have you ever thought about all the ways your income can be devoured?  Most of us do not grow crops but this promise is still for us today.  There are many things that will devour our paycheck, savings or investments.   There are many ways to make money.  I believe there are even more ways to lose money or possessions.  From emergencies, fire, thieves, accidents or wear and tear and the list goes on and on.

 God’s promise is not only to be our provider but our protector.  Again this is a good place to remind us that the same almighty God who can create from nothing, who speaks things into existence does not need my measly 10% when he owns everything in the universe.  He can say a word to bring blessing or destruction.  I  need God’s blessing, you do too.  I need God’s protection and you do too.

 Let me pray for us, “God thank you for your promises to provide and to protect us.  We acknowledge that you are the one who can protect us from all that would devour us, our families and our incomes.  We give as a way to acknowledge that you are God.”  Amen

 Until next week, Darrell

 Tithe online at www.ridgefellowship.com

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1 Response to Tithe Challenge – Week 3 – Our Protector

  1. dkoop says:

    On Sunday some one who signed up for the Tithe Challenge told me that after they signed up they got a raise where they work. She says, “Where I work, raises are hard to come by, God really provided”

    Someone else who felt led to give for the first time dropped in a $100 bill this past Sunday. He explains, “When I was at Academy I realized I lost another $100 out of my wallet. I felt led by God to go back to church. Would you believe the $100 was just sitting in the parking lot? It’s a miracle – God is good!”

    Thanks for sharing these stories! Please let me know what else God is doing in your lives.

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