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Happy & Satisfied – Part 2

HOW TO GET F.U.L.L. Bruce Springstein said it.. ”Everybody’s got a hungry heart”…. Everyone is hungry, every human on earth is thirsty, we just didn’t know for what. Since the fall of mankind in the Garden, when God was ripped … Continue reading

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Happy & Satisfied Part 1

He’s eating me out of house and home!  If you have a teenager, I’m sure you’ve said that like we have. Here’s  picture of my 16 year old son Kaleb at a buffet on Mother’s Day.  Four plates! A cup … Continue reading

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Happy are the Peace Makers

Is your home peaceful?  We’re looking at the teachings of Jesus in Mathew, chapter 5, in a section that’s known as the Beatitudes where Jesus gave us 8 different directions for those who would be happy or blessed. Today, I … Continue reading

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#Happy – The Beatitudes

The series of conditional blessings promised in Matthew 5:3-12 have long been called the Beatitudes, a name derived from Latin and referring to a state of happiness or bliss. Jesus presents the possibility of people being genuinely happy, and that … Continue reading

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