Nepal 2011

 We were so blessed to be able to take a Global Outreach trip to Nepal.    Nepal is just north of India. In fact we flew from Austin to Chicago, then from Chicago to Delhi India (a 14 hour flight) then the next day flew to Kathmandu ( a 2 -3 hour flight from Delhi). 

 At The Ridge, our vision is to SHOW Christ to our World.  This trip is just a small way of fulfilling our vision.

 As a church it is important to have a contact on the ground overseas.   We met up with some friends who have hosted us in past trips to Asia as well.  (They are pictured in the middle) We help them by bringing supplies with us that they are needing.  We also serve as an encouragement and help them in any way we can.  We are able to partner together to help the people in Asia and SHOW Christ to them.

Here is my dad (right) pictured with Brijesh a Nepali who was also a gracious host that allowed us access in some of the villages.  He is pictured in the village where he grew up.   In addition to having a trekking business he helps churches get started in various villages.  He and some others will soon begin making water filtration systems to be used in villages throughout Nepal and northern India.   

Here is a typical Nepal village with some of the girls from the school greeting us.   Villages like this have a real need for their water to be filtered because they have such shallow wells that are easily contaminated.

We were also able to bring and pass out Bibles in the villages.  Here are two pastors who are so excited to have Bibles to use in their churches!

 In the picture above: to the left is Nitender, our Nepali driver and translator.  It was so rewarding to spend time encouraging the Nepali believers and praying for them to reach their villages for Christ. 

To the left is a Nepali church in one of the villages.  Guess how many believers fit in there sitting down on the floor?  

200-300! That’s right,  on the floor.

Think our schools are crowded? 

They pack em in Nepal!

The kids were so glad to see us foreigners, they also loved seeing themselves in the cameras after each shot.  My dad who is a retired teacher enjoyed seeing the students in school and was able to speak to them about the importance of education.

In the shot to the left is the future site for the plant or factory where the water filtration units will be produced.  The filtration system will be a large clay unit that will last for years and will be affordable to the average villager to obtain in order to have clean water.  On future trips we will buy and distribute these water filtration units to give out in villages in Northern India along with Bibles or other supplies we bring.  

While we were there Brijesh informed us that there are over 3 million people living in Katmandu but a very small percentage are believers in Christ.  He estimates that about 29 people a day are accepting Christ.  They are open to the gospel and it is spreading but that is not enough to keep up with the population growth.   There were a few times when we said “Jesus” to a Nepali and they had never heard the name of Jesus before.  That’s typical in that region.  There is much work to be done!

Please pray for Katmandu, Nepal and Northern India for the gospel to spread, and for churches to be planted.  There is still much work to be done.

Maybe God is leading you to go with us on our next trip?  We would love to have you.

Lets continue to Show Christ to our world until every person has heard,


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    You have shed a ray of snsunhie into the forum. Thanks!

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