The Power of Practicing Your Faith

1 Life God has for Me 2 jpgScience and hundreds of Research Studies  document the effects of faith in action.
Duke University Medical Center found that …
  • Those who put spirituality at the center of their lives recovered  from surgery or illness 70% faster than those who didn’t. 
  • Those who went to church services had a significantly stronger immune system. 
 “Studies and there are more than 300 of them found that people found that….
  • People of faith are healthier than non-believers and less likely to die prematurely from any cause.
  • Having faith can speed recovery from physical and mental illness, surgery and addiction.

In the book The Faith Factor by Dale Matthews MD professor of medicine at Georgetown University School of Medicine states…

    The body responds positively to faith…
  • Blood pressure and pulse rate tend to be lower
  • Oxygen consumption is better
  • Brain wave patterns are slower
  • Immune function is enhanced
   Your Mind is at peace by faith so that…
  • Stress is reduced
  • Anxiety and depression is lower
    You Take Better Care of Yourself, people of faith are…
  • Less likely to smoke or drink to excess
  • take their medicine and wear seat belts
You’re Part of a Healing Community
  • Being part of spiritual community(attending church) week after week, month after month, year after year you obtain all the above healing benefits on a regular basis.
 Hundreds of research studies document the link between faith and health:
  •  Longer Life – people of faith live and average of seven years longer!
  • Better sex – couples that attend church together report higher states of sexual satisfaction.
  • Overall well being – faith means fewer health problems
  • Better recovery – three times better recovery after surgery
  • Lower Blood pressure – among those who attend church regularly
  • Good Mental Health – church attendance is related to lower rates of  depression and anxiety
  • Reduced Stress – heart and breathing rates are lowered by practicing faith   

Keep the faith my friends!



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