Could We Feed All the Hungry Children in the World? – Tithe Challenge Week 11

Our Guatemala Mission Group just got back yesterday. We were able to feed hungry children, give gifts and share the good news of Jesus.

feeding center The missionary we work with said it takes about $450 a month to feed the 100 kids at one feeding center 3 days a week.  This amount is given by some churches, but for every 100 kids fed there are thousands that go hungry each day.  Could the American church feed all hungry children in world?

Thanks to the research organization The Empty Tomb ( we now know the answer to this question.

Here’s what could happen:

If Americans who identify with the historically Christian church had chosen to give 10% to their congregations rather than the 2.43% given per year, there would have been an additional $172 billion available for work through the church.1 If those members had specified that 60% of their increased giving were to be given to international missions, there would have been an additional $103 billion available for the international work of the church. That would have left an additional $34 billion for domestic missions, including poverty conditions in the U.S.,2 and this all on top of our current church activities!

  • One source estimates that an additional $70 to $80 billion a year could address the basic needs of the poorest people around the world.3
  • Additionally, $5 billion a year4 could end the estimated 8.8 million children under five dying around the globe each year.5
  • Basic primary education for all children around the globe would cost $7 billion a year.6
  •  The total cost to evangelize the world including ongoing work would $1 billion a year.7

This information should encourage us. Progress is possible!

Here is the a graphic to show what was just explained:

If Believers Gave 10%

It is within the church’s ability in America to end child deaths worldwide, educate all children worldwide, help the poor worldwide and evangelize the world!  We have this capability!

Could we feed all the hungry children in the world?  Yes, if everyone gave 10% like you do. Thanks for doing your part.


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