What is The Sexperiment?

SEX RidgeAre you up for it?  What could happen in your marriage if you had sex with your spouse for seven straight days?

If you are single what would happen if you began to pray and seek God’s will for you in the area of sexual purity?  What if God is preparing you now for something amazing in your future?

Thousands of couples around the country have taken part in the Sexperiment and discovered the amazing purpose and plan God has for their marriages. We challenge you to take this Sexperiment for yourself and discover just how sex can be the superglue to strengthen your marriage.

But these seven days aren’t just about sex. That week could be the foundation for phenomenal growth, amazing influence and everlasting impact for the rest of your marriage and the rest of your life.

Take the Sexperiment and experience the power of marriage done God’s way—with intentionality, and creativity. What starts as a week long experience can become a lifestyle that helps you make the most of the rest of your life.

sexperimentHere’s How to Take the Sexperiment

1.  Set aside a week with your spouse that you both agree to have sex for seven days. If you are single set aside seven days to read, reflect and pray.  At The Ridge the time frame many people are choosing their seven days are between February 9th – March 15th

2.  Sit down with your spouse and talk about what you hope to gain from the Sexperiment.  If you are single write down what your hope to gain from seeking God’s perspective on sex.

3.  Read a Sexperiment devotion  each day.  There is one for each day for couples or singles that are posted at www.TheRidgeBlog.com  You can also read a chapter each day from the book, Sexperiment.   *If you sign up for a Sexperiment Growth Group at The Ridge and it’s your first time to sign up, we have a free Sexperiement book for you!

Over the course of just seven days, creative sex in marriage—the way God created it—is a tremendous catalyst that leads to much more than a week of happiness. And by the end, you’ll discover:

  • A greater sense of purpose for your life together
  • A deeper understanding of God’s plan for your marriage
  • A more intimate connection with your spouse
  • Richer purity in your lives
  • A lasting legacy for your future
  • Open communication in your marriage
  • True oneness as a couple

While many would argue that there is a lot more to marriage than just sex, there are also a lot of benefits!


For more about The Sexperiment, go to www.thesexperiment.com

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