God’s Super Glue

SEX RidgeThe God of the Bible places His nature in you and I. The God who had been one, breathed His life in a non-living thing and it became a living being.

God would spend the rest of the Bible wooing the man back to Himself, so that the two would one day be one again. God wants us to understand this aspect of Himself not just by study but by experience.

God began with Adam who was complete in himself and contained all of God’s nature but gave Adam a lesson in one-becoming-two. God put Adam to sleep and began the most unusual surgery in human history. He began to sift out perfectly complimentary features and created the perfect balance so that the one man, could become two, and remain a perfect fit, so that one day the two could become one.

And man would spend the rest of his story trying to figure out how to woo back to himself the woman.

Separate minds. Separate hearts. Separate wills. Separate bodies and separate Spirits. All these were once one. And God creates us to hunger in such a way that we crave one-ness. He makes both to desire deeply that these differences and the separateness be returned again to one.

What are the odds? More importantly what is the mechanism? What kind of glue would it take for all of these attributes, body mind emotion, and spirit would return again and be joined as one? What kind of glue indeed. God is a genius, and a generous genius at that.

He gave us the greatest glue imaginable; God gave us sex.

The drive for sex and connectedness, pulls us together. The act of sex, the only human act that connects body, mind, emotion and spirit, re-connects the separated parts and two are again made one. Genius!! Genius and generous. Not just glue, but fun, joyful, tender and exuberant glue.

At least that is how it is supposed to work. That is the design. But,oh, the number of possible things that could go wrong. Think with me for a minute. The beauty of super glue, is that it works so well. At the same time the problem with super glue is, that it works so well. Used rightly it works. Used in any wrong way, it still works!  All manner of things can be stuck together. I  heard of a woman who used super glue to put on her eyelashes and had to go to the emergency room, with her eyelids glued shut. Super glue works. Fingers stuck together, people stuck to objects, the number of options are only limited by the creativity of the human soul.

If you really want to see how super glue can be used wrongly, give a tube of it to a four year old. Or a fourteen year old. Let their undeveloped, wonder-filled, immature minds work with a substance with this kind of power. Just be sure you have good insurance.

If you really want to see how sex can be used wrongly give it to an undeveloped, disconnected, immature human race and see just how many things we can stick together. Things that don’t belong stuck together. But just like super glue, sex still works. Used rightly, it works. Used wrongly … it works.

The human heart can be stuck to person after person after person, until the man or woman is torn into pieces and carrying around pieces of strangers. Or attached to slick, lifeless images or writhing images on a video. And this kind of sticky-ness is just the building block of all manner of cultural shift. Soon, we as a race begin to believe that our appetites and urges are our identity, and it is a terrifying slippery slope from there to our destruction as a society.

Sex is God’s super glue, and it works. Used in the protected boundaries of a monogamous, covenant relationship man and woman can bring the one-become-two back together again, over a lifetime of bring our whole self into such a relationship. It is a brilliant, beautiful and powerful plan.

But because it works so powerfully, every brilliant plan with power can also go powerfully wrong.

Did I mention that Jesus lived and died to make wrong things right? Did I mention that the power of the resurrection can overpower all of our mistakes? Jesus has for us all the solvent that can gently yet cleanly break the most powerful of ties and separate those things that do not belong together.

Do not be deceived: Neither the sexually immoral nor adulterers nor male prostitutes nor homosexual offenders will inherit the kingdom of God.  And that is what some of you WERE. But you were washed, you were sanctified, you were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and by the Spirit of our God.   1 Corinthians 6:9-11

Use the super glue God has given us wisely. However if you have used it in a way that has left you stuck or broken, do not despair. The God who invented this super glue knows how to work with it. Bring Him things that have gone wrong. Bring Him the things that you want to go right. God can wash you, sanctify and justify you because of Jesus Christ.

For more about the Sex series or to sign up for a Sexperiment Growth Group go to www.RidgeFellowship.com


 Adapted from http://destinyinbloom.com/gods-super-glue/

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