businesscard-3.5inx2in-h-frontWhat problem is threatening to overcome you and take you down? Is it Fear, Failure, Anger, Low Self Esteem, Finances or Temptation?

Here’s an encouraging thought. “If God is for us who can ever be against us? “¹ This means that whatever is against you, whatever is trying to overcome you, get this. God is bigger! God is for you. God says you can overcome.

You may be thinking today that there is no hope for your situation. You may think that you are destined to be beaten down by forces that are stronger than you. You may even think that God is no help because after all, “God is mad at me.” I want you to know this: God is not mad at you, God is for you!

I want to invite you to our new series, Overcomer. Life is a challenge and we must face certain obstacles but we can overcome them with God’s help and God’s people.

Let’s start with fear. Fear is natural. But scientists have discovered that there are only TWO natural fears. Can you guess what they are? I’m going to put out some options for you: Falling, Commitment, Justin Beiber, Loud Noises, Spiders? The two natural fears that you are born with given by God are falling and loud noises. Whatever else you are afraid of you have learned to be afraid of. The good news is this: if you’ve learned to be afraid, you can also unlearn to be afraid. So we’ll look at how to Overcome Fear.

Failure, every one of us will fail, multiple times. And if we aren’t prepared, when failure takes us down, it can keep us down… which brings discouragement, despair, depression, doubt, and even disillusionment.  I see that over and over in people. We can’t stop failure from coming, but with God’s help we can grow through the failure. In God’s eyes, failure is not final. Failure can be a new starting point.

Financial problems are affecting many people today. Studies show that the majority of divorces are due to money problems. The credit card debt that the average person carries keeps getting higher each year. Many people feel hopeless. I want you to know this doesn’t have to be you. Your marriage does not have to end in divorce because of money. You do not have to constantly lose sleep because of your finances. You don’t have to live with the uncertainty about the future. There is a better way to live, and that’s to live God’s way. At the Ridge we have several Growth Groups which include classes that address your financial problems. We have a CPA that will do a one day seminar on budgeting and getting out of debt. We have financial counselors that will sit down with you and help you. With God’s help, you can overcome your financial problems.

We’ll also look at Overcoming a Low Self Esteem. You are not who others say you are, you are who God says you are. We will show you how you can learn to see yourself as God sees you and that will change everything.

If you have Doubt, it’s also normal and part of trying to live with faith. We will address ways to overcome doubt when it creeps into our lives.

Temptation and Anger, both are natural and not wrong. It’s what we do with our anger and temptations that matter. In our series, we’ll learn to control and overcome anger and temptation.

Got Shame? Others use it on us and we then wear it like a badge, and what’s worse we begin to use shame on our selves.  We’ll learn to stop the shame game in this series.

So which one of these do you need to overcome? Shame, Low Self Esteem, Finances, Doubt, Fear, Temptation, Pride or Anger? You can overcome each one with God’s help.

One last encouraging thought from God,
In ALL these things we have complete victory through Him who loved us

I hope you can join us and learn to be an Overcomer.


1 Romans 8:31 (NIV)
2 Romans 8:37 (GNB)

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Lead Pastor of Upwards Church: Leander & Jarrell, TX
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