3 Positive Resolutions

Ridge My New Life Res1. I Will Spend Less Time with Negative People and Influences

Please pray, use discernment and always be loving in dealing with negative people.  Some negative people you may have to spend time with because they are family!  However, negativity is like a sickness, it spreads.  I Corinthians 15:23 illustrates this.

…”Bad company corrupts good character.”

Have you ever noticed when you hang out with certain friends that continually complain and are negative what happens?  For me, I want to listen, relate and contribute but soon find that I’m seeing the seeing the bad in circumstances and people as they do.  My proverbial glass is”half empty” that was once “half full.”  What a sad way to live.

Also, there’s a lot of news, articles, radio  and TV shows and some are very positive and uplifting.  Others, I have noticed, are filled with people who are miserable in life.  A group of negative people who gather and criticize everything.  What I found is, when I read, listen or watch them, they hurt me as they slander others and make me overly self conscious or judgmental of my short comings, which I don’t need any help doing.  Soon, I’m more critical and negative.  When I reduce my time with negative media  and negative people, I find that my mind, spirit and emotions are healthier.   I will not allow negative influences to strangle me.  I will not let their thinking become my thinking.  Life is too short.

  1. I Will Speak Words Of Life.

The tongue has the power of life and death. Proverbs 18:21

In the lives of my children, I notice that I am quick to police them.  “Stop that.  Come over here.  Quit doing this.  Don’t hit your brother.  Don’t hit your sister.  Stay on your side. Be quiet! Am I going to have to pull this car over?”  Instead, I want going to catch them doing good things.  “You did awesome.  You cleaned up your room without being asked.  Way to go!  You said, ‘Please’ what great manners.  You brought over your dishes.  You’re amazing.”  I am going to encourage them with words of life rather than always criticizing what they didn’t do right.  I’m going to speak words of life.

  1. I Will Be Thankful For What I Have.

Instead of complaining about what I don’t like or don’t have.  I will give thanks in all things.  I Thessalonians 5:18, says Give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.

How does this play out in everyday life?  If I’m having a bad hair day,  I thank God that I have some.  A lot of people would love some and not have to do the comb over.  When I am about to complain about my vehicle, “It’s dirty, it’s messy or uses too much gas.”  Realize that since I have a vehicle, I am in the wealthiest three percent of people who are alive today.

God is doing a work in my heart.  My words are changing.  My thoughts are changing.  My life is changing for the better.

I hope yours can too.



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Lead Pastor of Upwards Church: Leander & Jarrell, TX
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