Superman vs. Jesus

Who is greater Superman (Samson) or Christ?

We’ve referred to Samson as Superman because he killed a lion with his bare hands, killed a thousand enemy soldiers with a donkey’s jawbone, and ripped up city gates weighing thousands of pounds placed them on his back and walked up a hill with them.  He pushed down the pillars of a giant coliseum triumphing over his enemies while taking his own life.

Sampson is a type[i] of Christ.  Note the parallel between the life of Samson and that of Jesus Christ:


  1. Both births were miraculous
  2. Both births were foretold by angelic visitors.
  3. Both had the divine purpose of being a deliverer for their people
  4. Both moved in the power of the Holy Spirit.
  5. Both performed miraculous deeds.
  6. Both were rejected by their own people.
  7. Both were sold out or betrayed by a person close to them for pieces of silver.
  8. Both were mocked and ridiculed publicly
  9. Both suffered publicly and died with people watching.
  10. Both had victory their enemies.


  1. Samson’s mom was barren, Jesus’ mother was a virgin.
  2. Samson began to deliver his people from the Philistines; Jesus delivers all people from Satan.
  3. Samson lived a life of sin and failure; Jesus’ life was sinless.
  4. Samson had selfish motives for his miraculous deeds; Jesus motives for his miraculous were to help people and glorify God.
  5. Samson only prayed when we was in trouble.  Jesus prayed daily and often in fellowship with the Father.
  6. Samson was a loner with no friends; Jesus had 12 disciples and many followers.
  7. Samson carried city gates weighing thousands of pounds up a hill.  Jesus carried a cross up to Golgotha then carried the WHOLE weight of the world’s sin.
  8. Samson at the time of death prayed, “O God, let me get revenge on the Philistines for my two eyes.” Jesus prayed, “Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do.”
  9. In death, Samson’s arms were outstretched in revenge; In death, Jesus’ arms were outstretched in love.
  10. Samson died. Jesus Christ lives!

Christ is alive! We will celebrate this great truth on Easter!

I hope you can join us.



[i] “Type” is a theological term meaning Events, persons, or statements in the Old Testament are seen as types pre-figuring or superseded by antitypes, events or aspects of Christ or his revelation described in the New Testament. For example, Jonah may be seen as the type of Christ in that he emerged from the fish’s belly and thus appeared to rise from death.

Additional Sources:  Thru The Bible with J. Vernon McGee for 4 of the 10 on this list.

Andy Edson from our Teaching Team who added, “Samson carried the gates, Jesus carried our sins.”


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2 Responses to Superman vs. Jesus

  1. Fascinating how God’s themes permeate the stories in the Bible, and even the stories in our lives.

    Thank you for this! Michael.

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