The Sources of Suffering

When suffering or troubles happen, do they always come from Satan? In Job’s story, his series of tragedies did come from Satan, but this is not always the case. The chart below demonstrates the four main causes of suffering. Any one of these or a combination of them may create suffering. If knowing why we are suffering will teach us to avoid the cause, then the causes are worth knowing. However, it is most important to know how to respond during suffering.

The Sources of Suffering

Sources Who Is Responsible Who Is Affected Needed Response
My bad choices I am Myself and others Repentance and confession to God
Others’ bad choices Person who sinned and others who allowed the sin Probably many people, including those who sinned Active resistance to the sinful behavior, while accepting the sinner
Avoidable physical (or natural) disaster Persons who ignore the facts or refuse to take precautions Most of those exposed to the cause Prevent them if possible; be prepared if they can’t be prevented
Unavoidable physical (or natural) disaster God, Satan Most of those present Ongoing trust in God’s faithfulness
Source: Life Application Study Bible.

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