Palm Monday & Humility

The donkey awakened Monday morning, his mind still savoring the afterglow of the most exciting day of his life. Never before had he felt such a rush of pleasure and pride.

He walked into town and found a group of people by the well. “I’ll show myself to them,” he thought.

But they didn’t notice him. They went on drawing their water and paid him no mind.

“Throw your garments down,” he said crossly. “Don’t you know who I am?”

They just looked at him in amazement. Someone slapped him across the tail and ordered him to move.

“Miserable heathens!” he muttered to himself. “I’ll just go to the market where the good people are. They will remember me.”

But the same thing happened. No one paid any attention to the donkey as he strutted down the main street in front of the market place.

“The palm branches! Where are the palm branches!” he shouted. “Yesterday, you threw palm branches!”

Hurt and confused, the donkey returned home to his mother.

“Foolish child,” she said gently. “Don’t you realize that without Him, you are just an ordinary donkey?”

Source:  Wayne Rice Hot Illustrations for Youth Talks
(Youth Specialties, Inc. 1994) page 138

Just like the donkey who carried Jesus into the city of Jerusalem on Palm Sunday, we should be happy only serve Him, not needing attention or fame.  We have no need to boast about who we are or what we have done.  In the end Jesus is the star of the show.



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4 Responses to Palm Monday & Humility

  1. Toni Mace says:

    Love this messsge! Thanks for sharing….and the reminder.

  2. mlaclair says:

    Great message. Gentle warning to not let pride slip in as we are (hopefully successfully) in the LORD’s service. Thanks for this unique word picture which stays in the memory.Keep the focus on Him. It is not us, it is Him.

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