I AM – Gospel of John Introduction

I_Am_posterWe all long for peace, security, and fulfillment. Denying that we have those needs is pointless. Trying to meet them in unhealthy ways is counterproductive. And languishing in frustration when those needs are not met is unnecessary, because God has a better plan. Jesus came to tell us about Himself. We can find our satisfaction in a relationship with Jesus Christ. Through Jesus we can find peace, security, and fulfillment—everything we need. He is the great “I Am.”

Dates      Titles                                     Scriptures
April 4 – I Am the Resurrection and Life (John 11) EASTER
April 11 – I Am the Bread of Life (John 6)
April 18 – I Am the Good Shepherd (John 10)
April 25 – I Am Way, Truth & Life (John 14)

May 2 – I Am the True Vine (John 15)
May 9 – I Am the Living Water (John 4) Mothers’ Day

John’s purpose for writing the gospel: “these are written so that you may believe that Jesus is the Christ” (John 20:31).

John’s 2 questions for the reader to wrestle with: 1. Who is Jesus? 2. What do I do with his words/teachings?

“I AM”

OT Background: Exodus 3:1-20, especially verses 13-18. (cf. Is. 41:4; 43:10-13)
NT fulfillment: John 8:58

When God calls Himself the “I Am” in Exodus 3, it’s a pivotal moment in redemptive history. God reveals Himself to His people and comes to redeem them out of exile and lead them into a new life. God’s name discloses who He is and what He is like. He is the I Am, the eternal, unchanging, self-existent one, infinite and glorious in every way, and above and beyond all created things. He is God.

When Jesus applies the title “I Am” to himself, he claims to be God (John 8:58). Not a helper to God or a great teacher, but the divine, eternal, pre-existent, infinite, perfect Being. He is Israel’s God. He is greater than Moses because he is the God of Moses. He has life in himself and he can give life to us.

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