Christmas Timeline Introduction & Invitation

Christmas Timeline: (Various Old Testament) 3 weeks/4 messages

Description: Christmas is time of anticipation and hope. As followers of Jesus, we celebrate the coming of our Savior and King. The first coming of Jesus Christ was the most significant historical event that had ever occurred.  The “arrival” of the promised Messiah has changed the world forever.  Our series will take us on a journey from the Old Testament prophecies of Jesus Christ that will describe how the King of Kings and “God with Us,” came to “crush” the enemy, would be born of virgin, in the town of Bethlehem through the lineage of David to eventually die for the sins of the world.

 Date             Title                        Scripture                                    Events

Dec. 11 – Once Upon a Time (Gen, Numbers)                      Family Christmas Program

Dec. 18 – A Time to Die (Psalms)                                                    Communion

Dec. 24- It’s the Most Wonderful Time (Isaiah)                                Christmas Eve

Dec. 25 – In the Right Place at the Right Time (Minor Prophets)          Christmas DAY

You’re invited, please join us!  Darrell


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