Evidence of a Global Flood – Genesis 6-9

I am about to cover the earth with a flood that will destroy every living thing that breathes.” Genesis 6:17

17 For forty days the floodwaters grew deeper…19 Finally, the water covered even the highest mountains on the earth, 20 rising more than twenty-two feet[b] above the highest peaks.” Genesis 7:17-20

There have been two massive, cataclysmic events in our past. One is the creation of the heavens and the earth that was performed by God in six literal twenty-four hour days. It was created fully mature but the second event was the great flood. Great cataclysmic event. The first, creation, took six days; the flood lasted 371 days, approximately. Creation gave us the first earth, the flood gave us what we would call the second earth, the earth we now see, live in, and enjoy. Genesis 6 and 7 describe the flood as a global flood, not a local flood. There are certain things that are phenomena in our natural world that I believe can only be explained by a flood.

  1. The fossil record and worldwide fossil fuels are evidence of a universal flood. There are water-laid layers of sediment forming coal, and coal is found all over the earth in every continent, even at the North Pole and the South Pole. And atop those layers, and in between those layers, are fossils. Interesting fossils. Sea life fossils are found on the highest mountains. In Michigan they have fossilized whales. In Ohio they’ve discovered fossilized sharks. In Wyoming they’ve discovered fossilized fish at over 7,000 feet above sea level. Fish 7,000 feet above sea level.   Fossils are formed by being buried rapidly. Some are so rapid that they were eating or mating.   The image of the turtles mating and nine other fossils like it suggest a rapid burial.
    There’s a great sediment layer out in Nebraska—Agate Springs, Nebraska—that houses over 9,000 animal remains. In the fossil record there are certain fossils that are out of order, even that transect the strata. There are tree trunks or mammal fossils embedded vertically through supposedly long-developing strata. The establishment say that these layers were put down over millions of years, but hey have difficulty explaining the presence of those fossils that transect these layers.

Also some recent discovery of fossils have been found with skin. And more shocking soft tissues were found in the bones of a T-Rex and soft tissue in the horn of a Triceratops creating questions of the ages of these fossils.

  1. The existence of great inland seas, great canyons and mountains. In different continents of the world there are great inland seas, China has them, India has them. We, in America, have them—our great basin. The shoreline is apparent; it can be seen. It was at one time a vast saltwater inland sea that got there somehow. It is since receded and all that’s left is a little body of water known as the Great Salt Lake and the Bonneville salt flats. But at one time, the great basin was covered in water.
    “All the underground waters erupted from the earth.”  These “fountains of the deep” bursting forth would change the earth in many ways.  It may have separated continents, created large canyons, rifts, ocean trenches, pushing the mountains higher. A lot of things that are observable on the earth are explained by a worldwide flood.
  2. Flood Accounts In the history of mankind, in over 270 nations or tribes, you have flood stories. It’s not just a biblical story. You have that record in virtually every part of the world. In South America, Brazil, Bolivia, different tribes, different Indians, those in Africa, the Aborigines in Australia, all the way back to the Gilgamesh epic or the Babylonian flood epic, which is probably the most famous and the closest to the biblical narrative. But there are 270 plus records of a worldwide flood that have existed through time. “Eighty-eight percent of those flood narratives say that there was a favored family that was spared. Seventy percent say that survival was by means of a boat. Ninety-five percent say the sole cause of this great catastrophe was a flood. Sixty-six percent of these flood narratives say that it was because of man’s wickedness. Seventy-seven percent declare that animals were also saved. Fifty-seven percent say the survivors ended up on a mountain. Many of them used the form of Noah’s name, like the Hawaiian legend about Nu-uh. Many of these flood narratives speak of birds being sent out. Many of them speak about a rainbow. And many of them say that eight people were saved.”
    Flood accounts are embedded in the history and anthropology in the psyche, of mankind. This was such an impressive event that the story was told and re-told from its source, and we are about to read the source. Then it varied as it went out and it was re-told; elements were added to it or subtracted from it.
  3. Mount Arat AnomalyThen the ark rested in the seventh month, the seventeenth day of the month, on the mountains of Ararat.” There is a mountain range in the Soviet Armenia border of Turkey area called the Mountains of Ararat. Could the ark be there? There’s enough evidence throughout history that the CIA has labled this phenomenon as the Mt Ararat Anomoly. In 275 B.C. a Chaldean priest, a Babylonian historian, wrote that the ark of Noah was on Mount Ararat and people in his day were taking pieces of the pitch and making amulets out of it.Josephus, the Jewish historian, who writes after Jesus, said that the ark was there and that people were taking bits of it, making relics out of it. Theophilus of Antioch, 180 A.D. said that the ark, in certain places in the mountain range, was visible from a lower elevation. In the early 1900’s, some Soviet aviators were flying over the area and they took pictures of it. They discovered it; they even got the czar of Russia interested in finding the ark of Noah, but the Russian Revolution broke out and interest was quickly lost. Back in the 90’s, I remember CBS did a special on Noah’s Ark and had photographs, etcetera. And this thing gets resurrected every few years. We don’t exactly know what it is, but we know something is up here, it can be photographed, I’ve seen pictures of it, We know that something is there that oddly looks like a large box or boat. And it’s covered in ice.

We have pretty clear evidence of a worldwide flood, both in the written record of nations as well as in the natural phenomena that is on the earth.

Below are links of some of the pictures with articles written by people trying to explain this.  I think the global  flood mentioned in Genesis 6-8 also explains it.  Also Answers in Genesis, Creation.com and Is Genesis History are all excellent sites to learn more!











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