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Surviving Change – Daniel 1 – Part 2

In the last post we were introduced to Daniel and his three friends who faced many challenges and changes. We saw that Daniel decided in advance to honor his God given convictions, secondly when facing many changes and challenges, like … Continue reading

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A New Beginning for God’s People

“If the other planets are inhabited,” quipped George Bernard Shaw, “then they must be using the earth for their insane asylum.” We may chuckle at that statement, but it reminds us of a sad fact: The world is in a … Continue reading

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Generosity Blesses Me and Others

I have learned a secret.  I’ve learned  that whatever I give out is what I’m going to get back in life.   Have you learned this?  When I give out criticism or negativity I get back criticism and negativity.   But when … Continue reading

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“Floodgates” Week 2 – Tithe Challenge

Last week we saw that we can “Test” God in one area, our giving.  10 “Bring the whole tithe… Test me in this,”   Malachi 3:10. Tithe means giving a “tenth” of our income back to God. Today we will look at the … Continue reading

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