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Facing Change – 1 Kings 19:19-21

Change or transition is hard, but we can face it bravely and powerfully with God’s help. The transition in leadership from Elijah to Elisha reminds us that we can be obedient to what God is calling us to do without … Continue reading

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Last Words

What would you tell your spouse or children if you knew you only had a short time live? Would you make small talk? Would you discuss the weather? Probably not, but you’d make sure you said what was most important … Continue reading

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The Secret Ingredient for an Intimate Marriage

What’s the secret ingredient?  Commitment.  It’s easy to promise but harder to keep.  What does commitment look like? How do I stay committed?  What one decision can I make that will keep me committed?  We will examine those questions in … Continue reading

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Healthy Marriage – Song of Solomon Ch 2:8 – Ch 3:11

Last week we began looking at the Song of Solomon in the Old Testament.  The Song of Solomon is a Cinderella story.  It’s a story about King Solomon and the girl he fell in love with who was a common … Continue reading

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