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Happy Are The Meek Commentary

Blessed are the gentle, for they shall inherit the earth. (5:5) Like the first two beatitudes, this one must have been shocking and perplexing to Jesus’ hearers. He taught principles that were totally foreign to their thinking. Jesus’ audience knew … Continue reading

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How To Be Controlled – Happy and Under Control Part 2

HOW TO BE CONTROLLED (Examples from the Lives of Jesus and Moses)  Happy & Under Control Part 2 There are only two men in the Bible called humble:  Jesus and Moses.  Neither of them were pushovers. Matthew 11:29  (Jesus)  “Take … Continue reading

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Happy And Under Control Part 1

“Happy are those who are humble;  they will receive what God has promised!  Matthew 5:5 (TEV)   *MEMORY VERSE Today we will look at humility.  The Greek word is “prautes”  It can be translated as “meekness” or “humility” infact the The … Continue reading

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