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How Will You Respond to Pain and Loss?

What choices will you and I make when faced with unspeakable pain and loss?  How will we respond?  The story of Job is powerful. Why? It’s about the power of choice. The issue is not, “Will I someday experience a … Continue reading

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Staying Strong After Failure

What do we do when we realize we’ve blown it? What happens when we realize there some things that we can’t undo? When we’re embarrassed by our actions, when we’ve hurt the people that we love, and we didn’t listen … Continue reading

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You Too Can Be Wonderful

Is there a woman in your life that you highly respect?  A woman that is dedicated, hardworking and faith filled?  For me it’s my mom and my wife Niki.  Today we will look at a wonderful woman who can teach … Continue reading

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The Power of Choice

Aren’t you grateful for the choices you have?  I am.  I love the choice to work where I work and to live where I live and to eat what I eat and for Niki my wife.  Also for her mutual … Continue reading

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