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The Do’s and Don’ts of Comforting

Do you find it challenging to know what to say or how to respond to people who have experienced a great loss?  We may mean well, but if we’re not careful we can easily stick our foot in our mouth.  … Continue reading

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The Power of Presence

There’s power in presence. Think about it this way.  God didn’t shout His love from heaven.  What did He do?  He showed His love by coming to earth.  He stripped Himself of all heavenly glory, and became one of us.  … Continue reading

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How is Social Media Changing Relationships?

Our relationships are so important.  Social media can help. We completely embrace it, as a church.   I love the many forms of social media, and the advantages of technology. Do you text, message, Facebook or Instagram your spouse, kids, … Continue reading

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10 Reasons We Need to Be Connected with Others

“You want to go where everyone knows your name!” Recognize that line?  If you’re my age or older, those words ring a bell.  I grew up with this sitcom called Cheers, about this bar in Boston that began as a … Continue reading

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