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Courage Over Fear – Joshua Invitation & Introduction

Joshua (Courage Over Fear) Description:  Does fear ever grip you?  You’re not alone. Courage is not the absence of fear but moving forward in spite of fear.   How can we grow in courage? “Be strong and of good courage, for … Continue reading

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The Power of Biblical Prophecy – Daniel 2 – Part 2

The last part of Daniel 2 is prophetic.  The prophetic parts of the Bible aren’t just about the future, they are about the present. God gave us books like Daniel and Revelation so that we can know how to live … Continue reading

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A Call to Life – Deuteronomy 30 Commentary

Decisions sometimes confront us that are very difficult to make. We simply do not know what to do. Difficult decisions often involve health or personal difficulty; marital, family, or employment problems; or some business, national, or world issue. There are … Continue reading

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Zechariah – Overview

The Future—that vast uncharted sea of the unknown, holding joy or terror, comfort or pain, love or loneliness. Some people fear the days to come, wondering what evils lurk in the shadows; others consult seers and future-telling charlatans, trying desperately … Continue reading

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