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Are you Connected? Your Life May Depend on It

Are you connected?   Not just socially but spiritually?  Hundreds of research studies show the link between being connected to Christ and church and your health.  Here are some of the positive effects: You will Live Longer. Those who attend church … Continue reading

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I Resolve to Take Care of Myself Physically

As a pastor, I can tend to focus on “spiritual” things. But God is the Creator of my physical body, and it’s in my physical body that I live my spiritual life before others.  I have a tendency to let … Continue reading

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3 Ways to Dedicate My Body to God

Where are you with your body and your health?  I have decided to dedicate my Body to God.  Perhaps you are like me, and are ready to say, “God I want your plan for my body. My plan has not … Continue reading

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Sign Up Now for Losing to Live!

Want to get healthy and lose weight in positive and supportive environment? With God’s help and the encouragement of a group of like-minded weight losers,  you can! To get signed up: 1. Download this form: Weight loss sign up (This form will … Continue reading

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