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Encouragement in Times of Depression –Psalm 42

What do you do when your tears are your food day and night? 3  My tears have been my food day and night What do you do when people taunt you and speak against you? …while men say to me … Continue reading

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Do I Have the Strength?

When you are all stressed out or facing a major decision to what do you turn?   I often turn to the refrigerator or the pantry or turn to caffeine or sugar.   I should turn to prayer first and often.  When … Continue reading

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Are you Connected? Your Life May Depend on It

Are you connected?   Not just socially but spiritually?  Hundreds of research studies show the link between being connected to Christ and church and your health.  Here are some of the positive effects: You will Live Longer. Those who attend church … Continue reading

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God is There When We’re Broken – Part 2

Have you ever prayed out of AFFLICTION not AFFECTION?   I have!  This is how Jonah prays and we see that’s it’s okay. From inside the fish Jonah prayed to the Lord his God Jonah 2:1. This is the first time … Continue reading

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