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Resurrected Hero – Mark 16

Jesus is our Resurrected Hero!  Regardless of what is happening in the world right now that might tempt us to believe otherwise; the risen Christ reminds us that He is able to bring hope where there is despair, joy where there is grief, love where there is indifference, … Continue reading

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The Language of Tears – John 11

Tears speak more about what our hearts feel than any words could ever express. Those tiny drops of humanity that tumble from our eyes, creep down our cheeks and splash on the floor carry the message that our hearts ache … Continue reading

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Matthew Chapter 1 (28 chapters in 28 days)

As we begin the New Year, all three Ridge locations are going through the book of Matthew together. 28 chapters in 28 days!  We’ll begin today, January 3rd and end on January 31st.  I’m so glad you will join us!  I’ll … Continue reading

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I Resolve To Be More Positive – Events & Responses

Have you ever seen two people experience the same event, yet respond totally different?  I’ve learned that to be positive its not so much about what happens to me, but  how I respond. Here are some biblical examples of the … Continue reading

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