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Do Over: Introduction to Romans

Do you ever wish that you could take back something that you said or did?  The apostle Paul shows us in Romans that Christ alone can cancel a person’s past and give us second chances. Jesus offers you the “do … Continue reading

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Forgiveness That’s Different

In what ways do you try to be on good terms with God?  I used to think, “If I go to church, if I’m a good person, if I try really hard, God will be happy with me. If I … Continue reading

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Keeping My Confidence

In the last post we discussed that confidence is not ultimately found in heritage, religion or social status but by knowing Christ.   Now how do we keep our confidence?  Here are three ways: Be Honest About My Weaknesses  A lot … Continue reading

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Hope Again

Has life got you down?  Are you in a place you don’t want to be?  Join us and find hope in your troubled time.  Sitting in a dark Roman prison cell, Paul writes of hope and joy.  We’ll discover solid … Continue reading

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