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Flee! And Other Ways to Resist Sexual Immorality.

Why should we avoid sexual immorality?  In 1 Corinthians 6: 15-19 Paul gives us two truths to help us resist sexual immorality and then two action steps.  He expands on this idea of how our physical selves (bodies) are connected … Continue reading

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Why Even Sex Experts See the Destructive Power of Porn

Celebrities, Hollywood and sex experts are noting that porn is destructive in relationships, and completely rewires how individuals approach sex. The movie Don Jon has just been released on DVD. It’s a story about a young man frustrated by the effects of … Continue reading

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2 Competing Agendas for Your Life

“So what’s the big deal?” “Aren’t you making too much about health and this whole Bod 4 God thing?”  This is the push back I get from time to time and you will too as you commit to a Bod … Continue reading

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