You Cannot Change

This series has caused much discussion.  It’s great to see God at work!    Here’s a recap from week 1:

Have you ever said, “I’ll never get out of debt?”  “I can’t lose this extra weight!”  “My marriage will always be bad.”  “I cannot seem to stop this addiction.”

Why do we say things like that?   We know people who have quit smoking, gotten out of debt or turned their marriage around.  Do we really believe we can’t change?   Yes we do and it’s a lie we tell ourselves.

Here are three biblical truths to keep this lie in check:

1.       Stop Every Thought that is a Lie

Whenever you think, “I can’t….”  “I’ve tried but…” “I guess I’ll never change…” That’s just the way I am…”  Catch yourself in mid thought!  Look what the Bible says,

We take every thought captive and make it obey Christ.1 

Don’t let a lie become your reality.  The lie may be how you feel, but it is not what is true! Don’t let the lie dictate your direction.   Catch the thought that is a lie and “make it obey Christ.”   For you Christ followers, the truth is, I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength!2

Who are you to say you can’t when God says you can.  

 2.      Start Thinking Thoughts that are True

Our thoughts are powerful.  They drive our feelings and actions.  If we think, “I can’t” it will be a self-fulfilling prophecy.  

Fill your minds with those things that are good… things that are true… right, pure and honorable.3  

Speak words that are in agreement with what God says.  “I can through Christ who gives me strength4.”  “I am an over comer by the blood of the lamb5”   “If God is with me who can be against me!6”   I can overcome this addiction!  I will get out of debt!   These are truths to start thinking.

Change is not easy but possible.  But we must avoid the extremes.  First extreme, “it all depends on me, if I am really committed, if I have enough will power,” etc.  Second, “God will do it all, I will do nothing.”   “I pray, presto, it must happen!” or “I will just wait on God to do it for me.”    

 In reality, the truth is in the middle. 

 3.      Stay Dependant on His Strength while using your Effort

 Huh?   Sounds confusing but that’s exactly what the Bible tells us.

I struggle, using the mighty strength which Christ supplies and which is at work in me6

It’s both.  Struggling while using the strength Christ gives!  

Let me illustrate all three points from just one thing I have struggled with, weight.  I was 20 pounds overweight for over about ten years.  I tried diets in that time which were successful at first then I would gain the weight back in a few weeks.  I literally began to believe, “I can’t do this.”  I was right!

I knew what to do to lose weight but lacked the power to actually do it.    It wasn’t until I said, “I can’t on my own” and said, “I can with Christ’s help.”   I began to pray each day, and throughout the day while struggling to eat better and exercise.  I needed his help with my addictions to sugar and coffee.  I would often send up a prayer before exercising or going out to eat!   Christ gets all the glory now, because it’s been over a year and the 20 pounds are still gone!

October 2009


April 2011

 I wish I could say, “It’s easy.”  It’s not.  But I know I can still depend on Him each day for strength.  Now I know there’s hope as I tackle other lies I have believed.  Will you join me?


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All verses are from the Today’s English Version of the Bible

End Notes:

  1. 2 Corinthians 10:5b
  2. Philippians 4:13
  3. Philippians 4:8
  4. Philippians 4:13
  5. Revelation 12:11
  6. Romans 8:31
  7. Colossians 1:29

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