The Apprentice Weekend!

The Apprentice Weekend will be here soon!   It’s Saturday July 30th6:30 – 8:30 PM.  We will have a gaming truck, moon walks, hot dogs, sausage wraps, pop corn and drinks. Oh and its all FREE!  We will have a special guest who was a runner-up on The Apprentice last year, Clint Robertson.  If you would like to know more about him, here is his website:

At Saturday’s event Clint will be there to meet people and answer questions about the show, Donald Trump, etc.  Plus we will host a Gold Party.  I wasn’t sure about the details of a gold party, so a friend explained it to me:  

“A gold party is basically an event where church members or the community come and bring  their old gold and silver that they no longer wear such as a broken bracelet, an unmatched ear-ring, an old class ring, etc…. what they bring is tested on the spot and payment is made right then and there. And believe me; people are always shocked at the high prices they get paid because gold prices are so high right now. An average person normally makes a few hundred dollars.”  Shane Miller – Gold Rush America representative.   

Then on Sunday Clint will give his testimony in our brand new series “Your Fired!”

We will do door hangers, mailers and invite cards to invite our community and to promote this event. 

I am very excited about the potential reach many new people! 

Did you know that so far this year an average of 2 people a week have indicated a Commitment to Christ!   That’s 2 people every week that are free from hell and heaven bound!  

This summer’s outreach will reach even more people.   Here’s how you can help:

  1. Pray – for the Apprentice Weekend, the events, the new series, door hangers, mailers, and invite cards.   Pray that people in our community would come, hear the gospel and come to KNOW Christ.  
  2. Serve – we need volunteers for Saturday’s event, serving hot dogs, monitoring a moon walk, etc.  We will hang door hangers 2 Saturdays, and 2 Sundays in July to invite the community, you can get more information here:
  3. Give – It’s a free event for the community but our church absorbs all the costs.  We have to buy hot dogs, condiments, and drinks.  You can donate HEB gift cards.  The gaming truck will cost $1000.  Door hangers cost $800 (for 10,000) Mailers cost $900 (for 15,000) plus $1,500 for postage.   We will need your help to pay for these outreach efforts.  Perhaps you feel led to give to our “Outreach Fund” right now.  Just click here:  and click “Outreach.

It is exciting to consider how God will use your prayers, time and giving to reach people in this community.   Dozens more will commit their life to Christ in the months to come because of what we do right now!

 Be watching for an “Apprentice Weekend” table in the hallway at church.  You can find out more information, get signed up or make a donation. 

 Thanks for doing your part.  Together we can SHOW Christ to our world,  Darrell

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Lead Pastor of Upwards Church: Leander & Jarrell, TX
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