FAQ’s – The Apprentice Weekend

Here are some of the most “Frequently Asked Questions” about our upcoming event, The Apprentice Weekend.  If you have other questions, just comment at the bottom and I’ll get it answered.

 Q:  Is this event free?

 A:  Yes, this is a free event for our community — a gift from our church.  Come eat, drink, have some fun, meet a TV celebrity and enjoy an evening with your family all for free!

  Q: When is the Apprentice Weekend?

 A:  Saturday, July 30th from 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM – Food, Activities for the Kids & Gold Party as well as  Sunday, July 31st (both services – 10:00 AM & 11:30 AM) for Clint Robertson’s testimony & Gold Party.  Also we are kicking off a brand new series on Sunday called, “You’re Fired!” 


Q:  Why is Clint Robertson coming? 

 A:  Being on Season 10 of The Apprentice, Clint brings the unique experience of being a reality TV star.  More importantly, he is a Christ follower as well as a husband, dad, and entrepreneur.  We all can learn something from his life as he shares.  He will be with us July 30th & 31st.  He will answer questions on Saturday and share his testimony on Sunday morning.  Come out and meet him and his family.

  Q:  Darrell, how do you know Clint?

 A:  A friend from college, Shane Miller (Shane and I went on mission trips to Mexico together and attended Bible studies while at Texas A&M) grew up with Clint Robertson.  They went to high school and church together.  Shane says that he is a godly man and has a great story to share. 

 Q: Why the Gold Party?

 A:  Clint currently lives in Florida.  The cost for travel, lodging, and meals for him and his wife would be expensive for our church.  Since Clint endorses the company Gold Rush America, they will cover his expenses if we host a Gold Party.  

 Q:  Why does Clint support this Gold Company?

 A:  Clint supports this company because he knows the owner and because the company helps people.  In this tough economy, people can get extra money they need from items they no longer want.  Also, some people wanting to earn extra income may choose to work for Gold Rush America by hosting gold parties and earning income for themselves.  

 Q:  How will the Gold Party for this event work?

 A:  Bring broken bracelets, chains, earrings, old class or wedding rings and outdated styles of jewelry.  There will be a table that is clearly labeled on Saturday & Sunday.  My friend Shane, who works for Gold Rush America, will test it, weigh it, and pay you on the spot.  He will issue a check from Gold Rush America, not cash.

 Q:  What about silver?

 A:  Yes, they will pay for sterling silver and platinum.  Got old silverware, silver jewelry or old coins?  Bring them and get paid.

 Q:  What if I am not sure if an item is really gold, silver, or platinum?

 A:  Just bring anything you have or have doubts about and Shane or his wife will test it so you know for sure.  They say people bring things they thought were fake, but turned out to be real, so just bring anything you think could be silver, gold, or platinum.

 Q: What about stones such as diamonds, emeralds, rubies, sapphires in the jewelry?

 A:  If they are large, Shane or his wife can remove them and give them back to you.

 Q:  By bringing silver, gold or platinum am I helping the church? 

 A:  Yes, the church will receive 15% of all proceeds from the Gold Party. 

  Q: Can I donate my gold or the proceeds to the church?

 A: Yes, you can tell Shane you want the money or a portion of it to go to the church and it’s done.

 Q:  Will I need anything else when I bring my silver, gold, or platinum? 

 A:  Yes, you will need to have your driver’s license or the number.  The state of Texas requires Gold Rush America to issue a receipt with the details of your transaction. 

 Q:  Can I see the episode of The Apprentice that Clint was on?

 A:  Yes, you can see portions from episodes on You Tube.  Here are two to get you started:

 Finale Night – The Apprentice 10 – The Winner is… (Brandy Kuenztel or Clint Robertson??)


Clint Robertson:


Q: Darrell, why have this event at all?  What does a TV celebrity, a Gold Party, hot dogs or moon walks have to do with church or Christ?

A:  As we often say, we will never change our message -The Bible, who Christ is, salvation, etc.  But we will change our methods.  We will use different methods to reach people.  We are a church, a group of people who have found Christ.  We are just beggars showing other beggars where to find bread.  Christ is the “bread of life” (John 6:35).  Clint Robertson has found Christ and follows Him; he will share this good news.  

I have no doubt that people will be drawn, perhaps to the event or series at first, but will come to understand that they need Christ.  They may be new to the community and need a church home.  They may have been out of church for years and they come to this event or series and renew their commitment to Christ and begin following Him again. 

I am sure that we will have stories of people who came to our church because of a door hanger, mailer or The Apprentice Weekend.  It’s a step or a method to help people to KNOW Christ.  When someone comes to KNOW Christ, it’s the most important decision they can make — it forgives their past, secures their future and makes their present manageable with Christ.  This event is just one small way that we fulfill our vision of SHOWING Christ to our world. 


For more information about The Ridge Fellowship, a map, service times or the series “You’re Fired” go to www.ridgefellowship.com

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