You’re Fired from Trying to Be Good Enough

Have you heard someone say?  Maybe even you have said it: 

“I’ll go to church.”

“I’ll clean up my act.”

“I’ll work real hard”

“I’ll stop this bad habit” in response to how to be acceptable to God?

 It may be human logic, but it’s not biblical.

 Want to hear something shocking? Or even offensive?

 All our righteous acts are like filthy rags” Isaiah 64:6b (NIV)

The filthy rags that Isaiah was referring to were the rags that women used during their menstrual cycle!  Ooh yuck.

I can hear it now, “Darrell that’s insulting.  I am not a filthy rag!  God is not insulting you,  He says that you’re “righteousness acts are filthy.”

When measured against God’s purity a person’s attempts to be pure are no better than filthy rags in God’s sight.  This image may be unpleasant to some, but like it or not is the picture painted by the Bible.  A person’s dislike of the description is nothing compared to the repulsion and loathing God feels toward sin.

Too often we view sin as only a slight mistake or problem.  In reality, sin is more like deadly and infectious staph infection.  Think of it like cancer that has spread throughout the body.   For wide spread contamination, we need more than a rag or a band-aid that we apply ourselves!  We need a physician, and a remedy.

That’s why we need Jesus!  He makes us righteous.   The Bible says, “This righteousness from God comes through faith in Jesus Christ to all who believe.”  Romans 3:22

Righteousness comes from our good works?  Not a chance!  Righteousness comes from “faith in Jesus Christ.”  Believe in Him, become righteous.  It’s that simple. 

You’re fired from trying to be good enough!  You can’t be good enough.  But that’s ok. That’s why Jesus is our savior. 

Stop trying to be good enough and put your faith in Christ.  Then you will be good enough.


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