Your Reasons – Tithe Challenge Week 5

90 Day Tithe Challenge

As you move forward in faith, you may continue to face resistance.  One of my mentors says, “When it comes to change, one of the most powerful words that help us change is the word ‘because.’   You have your ‘because’ reasons that lead you to begin the Tithe Challenge.  Because you want to… grow in faith, see if God is for real, be obedient, have better control over finances, to be blessed by God.

Speaking of “blessed and real” We have another good news story!  See at the comment section or go to our face book to see the specific story here.

You may also have had reasons why you didn’t tithe sooner.  These are barriers.  Do you know what they were?  Today I would like to introduce a website that will serve as a of source of inspiration. Its    They had list of the top 30 Barriers to why people do not give until the website recently changed but there are still great video testimonies.

I am going to list three of the top barriers.  Listed will be the barrier in bold, followed by some reasons we should not let this be a barrier or a ‘because.’

… I am up to my ears in debt. I cannot give now.

God knows exactly what brought debt into your life, and His desire for you to be liberated from its burden is even greater than your own. As you work to repay creditors, trust God to guide you; listen for His voice. When He leads you to give, recognize that He does not want you to be deprived of the joy that comes with generosity.

The Bible tells all Christians to give to God from their “first fruits” (Proverbs 3:9). As Larry Burkett, one of the founders of Crown Ministries has said, the first check you write belongs to the Lord and no one else, not even a creditor. God’s grace is sufficient to allow you to be obedient to Him, and to give generously, even during times of debt.

 … I would like to give, but my spouse does not share my desire to give.

Generosity and marital unity are both precious biblical values in God’s eyes. He longs to see you demonstrate both and would not expect you to sacrifice one in pursuit of the other.

Honor your spouse and honor your marriage, knowing that there is no challenge within a marriage that God cannot resolve, no distance He cannot bridge. Prayerfully and patiently, allow your faith to be reaffirmed. Give individually in ways that will not challenge your marriage, and then wholly trust God’s grace to bring you and your spouse together to experience the immense joys of giving generously as a couple.

We would give, but we are a young couple with no nest egg. (Or) We would like to give. But we are only a few years from retirement, paying for two kids in college, and have very little saved. (Or) Next year I have a promotion coming. We will give then, but right now the budget is pretty tight.

Isn’t it interesting that at every stage in life, there are tempting reasons not to give? Yet aren’t budgets always tight?  Early married life, late middle age, and career transition are all periods of relative economic vulnerability. And yet, nowhere do the scriptures exempt the economically vulnerable from generosity. In fact, ironically, many biblical examples of generous givers are poor people (Luke 21:1-4, 2 Corinthians 8:1-2). Jesus tells His followers not to be afraid for their well-being. (Luke 12:32-34).

God knows what you need, and He promises to provide it (Matthew 6:32). If God is inviting you to give, however vulnerable you might feel, you need not fear for your security. But if you are waiting to give until you feel financially secure enough, that time likely will never come. Ironically, God assures you that giving is the most financially secure move you can make. But the experience of His provision comes only after the act of giving (2 Corinthians 9:6-11). That is how faith works, and God invites you to test Him in this (Malachi 3:10).

Thanks again for stepping out on this amazing journey!  I am thankful for you and pray that you continue to have more reasons to give than not to

I am praying for you, Darrell

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1 Response to Your Reasons – Tithe Challenge Week 5

  1. dkoop says:

    More good news from the Tithe Challenge!
    Jennifer writes,
    “I wanted to tell you that a year and a half after starting to tithe I am still “finding” money. I keep getting refund checks in the mail and little bonuses from all sorts of things. I recently got a three thousand dollar escrow refund. I also just got offered a permanent position at the job I have been working at as a contractor for the last year. The benefits and company car will save me thousands of dollars a year and a lot of my son’s therapy will now be covered by insurance. God has done amazing things in all aspects of my life, not just financially, since I began to tithe! “

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