Central to Your Spiritual Life – Tithe Challenge Week 6

90 Day Tithe ChallengeThe stories keep coming in! See the comment below for the latest.

I am praying for you! We are at our halfway point in our three months.  I hope to encourage you today from “The Treasure Principle” by Randy Alcorn.

In chapter one Randy writes that most of the parables Jesus told are about money and possessions.  Jesus spoke more on this topic than his teachings on heaven and hell combined.  “Why did Jesus put such an emphasis on money and possessions? Because there’s a fundamental connection between our spiritual lives and how we think about and handle money.  We may try to divorce our faith and our finances, but God sees them as inseparable.”

He goes on to say that this truth hit him years ago on an airplane while reading Luke 3.  John the Baptist is teaching to large crowds of people who have gathered to hear him and be baptized.  Three different groups of people ask him what they should do to show evidence of their repentance.  John gives three answers:

  1. Everyone should share clothes and food with those who have none (vs. 11)
  2. Tax collectors shouldn’t pocket extra money.  (vs. 13)
  3. Soldiers should be content with their pay and not extort money. (vs. 14)

Each answer relates to money and possessions. But no one asked John about that! They asked what they should do to demonstrate the fruit of spiritual transformation.  So why didn’t John talk about other things?

“Sitting there on the airplane I realized our approach to money and possessions isn’t just important, its central to our spiritual lives.”

Jesus and John the Baptist knew that money and possessions was people’s god.  Jesus and John realized that no one could serve God unless they dethroned their money idol.

Thanks you for being a part of this Tithe Challenge.  It’s evidence that you are “dethroning the money idol” Thanks for taking the opportunity face the central part of your spirituality: money and possessions.  By giving 10% to God you are putting money and possessions in their proper perspective, but more importantly you are putting God where He belongs.   Thanks for going beyond the regular religious practices to the heart of the issue, money & possessions.  True spirituality and putting God first are becoming a reality for you as you give as God has asked.  Way to go!

Until next week, Darrell

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1 Response to Central to Your Spiritual Life – Tithe Challenge Week 6

  1. dkoop says:

    Another Tithing Testimony!

    Hi Darrell,

    Just wanted to let you know about my tithing story. I’ve only been tithing for a very short while but have already been blessed. Months ago, I interviewed for a senior position at a leading insurance company. I hadn’t heard back from them after my second interview and had assumed that they hired for the position by now. I didn’t anticipate getting the job since it is a position that is primarily staffed with male agents, not female agents. Two days ago I received an email from them with a job offer! It is a great opportunity and such a blessing!

    Just wanted to share my story..

    Have a great week,
    Sandy McCarthy

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