Sexperiment Day 5 Devotional – Married

sexperimentDay 5 – Legacy

Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen. Ephesians 4:29

So Goes Sex So Goes the Marriage, So Goes the Familly, So Goes Society
In this verse, we discover a powerful reality for marriage. We have the ability to build our spouse up simply by the words that come out of our mouth. But the truth is that it’s not only our ability, it’s also our responsibility.

Husbands, compliments and praises from you will build your wife’s self-esteem and energize her spirit. Wives, you can boost your husband’s confidence by affirming him and giving him recognition. This is how God wants us to communicate with one another.

Others are watching the way we talk to our spouse. It’s been said that lessons are more caught than taught. Your children are watching the way you communicate with your spouse. They are watching how you encourage and support one another.

The words we choose and the way we say them influence others. Like so many of our choices in marriage, the way we talk to our spouse is not just about our relationship, but about the legacy we want to leave others.

We can leave a legacy of encouragement by the way we speak to our spouse.

Carefully choosing our words can strengthen our relationship and set an example for others. Choose your words today with the legacy you want to leave in mind.

Discuss the Following

  • Ask your spouse, “What is one of the most powerful compliments I have ever given you?”
  • List three areas that are important for you to have your spouse’s validation and to hear it from them. Then tell each other.

Take Action

  • Create a list of ways you can honor your spouse through affirmation and admiration during the rest of this week. Choose one each day to help build intimacy in your marriage.

Go Further

  • Read the section How Deep Is Your Footprint on pages 138-139 of Sexperiment book.
  • Read about additional action steps in this area of your marriage on page 155 of Sexperiment book.

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