A Place Where Lives Change


For me, nothing compares to seeing life change.    In the last post I listed seven reasons why I’m addicted to the church.   There are more reasons, but perhaps my favorite is changed lives.  Here’s why.

Last week a man I think the world of came up to me after church with tears in his eyes.  He had been hospitalized with pneumonia type symptoms.  The tests revealed his lungs were damaged. He was able to use less than 50% and several tumors were identified.   After he was released and rescheduled to begin treatment, he came to church and asked the prayer group to pray for him.  They did and when he went back the tumors were gone! The doctors called it “an act of God.”  A sick person was healed because people prayed for him.  Lives were changed.

Years ago a family with a new born baby of had a concerning health issue.   The doctors saw spots on the baby’s liver and recommended surgery to remove them.  We prayed for the baby and the family.  When they went back for surgery the medical personnel couldn’t find these spots that were there before.  This family was never the same.

Several couples met their spouses and have gotten married because they met in our church.   Happily married, they now serve together.  We were Christian Mingle for the single.  If you’re single, maybe God has your future spouse waiting at church?

We often see people move into the community from out of town or state knowing no-one.  They come lonely but because they got involved they now have BFFs!  That’s social networking.  Your new best friend could be at church or is about to walk in.

There are countless people that say they now have a greater sense of purpose and well being after being a part of church.  You too can find purpose and peace at church.

When people are sad or have loss they often say their church family was there to comfort them.  When hard times come, I see the church family provide meals or assistance.  These are much needed but more importantly these actions say, “You are not alone.”

One married couple told me, “Our marriage was over.”  They decided to find a church as a last ditch effort.  As they were driving around, they saw one our signs and came to church that Sunday.  Through time their marriage was healed.  It was not over, but improved and they are still together today.

Another person told me that they had been so overcome with guilt, but found forgiveness and restoration through relationships at church.

“You kept me out of jail” one person told me.  Just listening and praying kept this person from doing something terrible.

“We came because of our kids.  Church was for them, not us!”  Now they love church so much they can’t imagine their lives without the relationships and responsibilities they now enjoy.

People find gifts they didn’t know they had.  They have joy from serving that they didn’t was think possible.

Others get out of debt and become financially free. Many had no idea it is so rewarding to give.  From once thinking they “can’t afford to give” they now look forward to giving and are excited about all God will do.

I’ve seen people sacrifice to go on a mission trip and then weep as God touches lives through them.

These are a few stories and the list could go on.   Being in vocational ministry for over twenty years, one of the most rewarding parts of my work is seeing lives change.

How has your life changed by being a part of church?



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