Thrive Family Devotion Guide Introduction

ThriveDear Ridge Fellowship Family,

Our family devotion guide is designed especially for your use during our Thrive emphasis.  There is one devotion each week for the next five weeks. The subjects for each week parallel the subject of the messages I will be sharing.

I am convinced that our THRIVE campaign will be a time of incredible spiritual growth for us as individuals and as a church.  When we begin to pray, fast, seek God, desire a better future and give we will thrive.  These devotions are an important part of that opportunity for maturity in each of our lives.  We want God’s word to be at the center of our faith and prayers.  We want God’s direction to be the single motivation for our future and our giving.  These devotions will help you, as an individual or as a family, to personally discover God’s direction in His word and begin to Thrive.

You’ll see that we have included a verse of scripture, background information and explanation, discussion questions and two Thrive challenges each week.  You’ll find that the discussion questions are designed for elementary kids and above.  If you’re doing this devotion by yourself you can use these as thought questions.  The best way to be consistent in these devotions is to find the same time each week to do them.  Here are some other suggestions for reading through our weekly devotions:



 Family devotions can often seem chaotic or awkward.  Remember: your goal is not perfection.  You might think of your goal as “let’s try to make it through this once each week for the next five weeks.”   Taking some time in your busy household for scripture, family discussion and dreaming together will have a lasting impact.   Here are a few simple suggestions:

  1. Choose a consistent time and place. Whether it’s at dinner around the table or in your children’s rooms just before bedtime, having devotions at the same time and same place is the best way to be consistent.  Choose the best time for your family and stick to it.  It’s only five weeks.
  1. Have different family members read the Scripture, explanation and discussion questions week. This will give everyone a feeling that they’re a part of deciding to have family devotions.
  1. After reading the scripture, explanation, discussion questions, and Thrive Challenge; take a minute to pray together. Talk to God about the needs in your family… the church…the world… your friends… those who need to find Christ… your work… your school…etc.
  1. Be yourselves! It’s O.K. to laugh.  Noise is not only allowable during devotions… it is probable.  If you allow your children to be themselves during times of devotion it’s amazing how much more they learn.  What you think is bouncing off of them is actually sinking deeply into their souls.

Excited about our future,


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