Thriving Kids Family Devotion

thrive family devotion guideRidge family, don’t forget to have your family devotion this week!  If you didn’t already, you can pick up a hard copy of the Family Devotion Guide and tent fold Prayer Card at church this week (at any location).

Here’s this week’s devotion,


 3   I will pour out my spirit on your children and my blessing on your descendants.
4  They will THRIVE like well-watered grass, like willows by streams of running water.
Isaiah 44:3-4 (TEV)

Background Information and Explanation

 Isaiah is a prophet in the Old Testament. He writes to a people that had been in carried off from their homeland as prisoners of war.   They are now being released and God is using the prophet to tell the people that he will pour out His spirit on their children and blessing upon their descendants.  Though the parents had experienced hardship, God would now bless their children and their descendants.  God’s spirit and blessing would cause these children to thrive like green grass that gets plenty of water and like trees that are planted by streams.  God loves children and has plans to move in them spiritually and bless them.

 Discussion Questions:   

What would it look like for God to pour out His spirit on your family?   In what ways are kids are more open to God than adults?  At what age did you commit your life to Christ?  In what ways would we like to see our family thrive?  Relationally, Spiritually, Financially?

THRIVE CHALLENGE: Get outside with friends or family this week. “Take a breath” and explore God’s creation and enjoy cultivating THRIVING relationships with those you love.

THRIVE CHALLENGE: Disconnect from culture one day this week by avoiding technology (TV, computers, video games, etc.) and use that time to pray, listen to God and do something special with your friends or family.



Until next week,



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