Great Questions

great-questionsYou’re invited to our brand new series, Great Questions!  Do you have questions about life, God, afterlife or the bible? Having understanding about our own lives means asking the hard questions.  At The Ridge We love to answer your questions!  Here’s what we’ll cover over the next few weeks:


  • If God is good, why is there evil and suffering?
  • Why didn’t God answer my prayer?
  • Who is Satan and what does he do?
  • Why does God sometimes feel far away?
  • Can God help me with my finances?
  • How does spiritual warfare affect me?
  • What about hell?
  • How do I overcome depression?

You and your whole family is invited to join us beginning on September 11th.


Want answers to more questions?

See below the past questions we have answered.  Then click on each link.  Or submit yours below in the comment box!

What Does the Bible Say about Masturbation?

What does the Bible Say about Breast Implants?

Is it Un-Godly to Serve in the Military?

Is Suicide a One Way Ticket to Hell?

Will My Pet Go to Heaven?

Are there Animals in Heaven?

Is it Okay to Use Birth Control?

Is it Okay to Live together before Getting Married?

What Does God think of Tattoos?

Can I Loose My Salvation?

What’s the Difference Between the Soul and the Spirit?

Questions about Heaven

I hope you can join us for our new series starting September 11th, Great Questions.


For more about the series Great Questions go to

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