A Thriving Church or a Dying Church?

thrive logoA THRIVING church has lots of “noisy” children and young people;

a dying church is fairly quiet.


A THRIVING church often changes the way things are done;

a dying church doesn’t.


A THRIVING church often asks for more money for ministry

a dying church doesn’t ask for money so not to offend people.


A THRIVING church asks people to open up and risk involvement;

a dying church plays it safe and never risks.


A THRIVING church sees challenges and opportunities;

a dying church sees problems and dangers.


A THRIVING church encourages its people to serve people;

a dying church uses people to preserve its traditions.


A THRIVING church believes in God’s future and “lets go” with faith;

a dying church believes in the past and “holds on.”


A THRIVING church is filled with committed givers;

a dying church is filled with tippers.


A THRIVING church dares to dream great dreams for God’s kingdom;

a dying church has nightmares.


Which are we going to be THRIVING Church or DYING church?


About dkoop

Lead Pastor of Upwards Church: Leander & Jarrell, TX
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