Prophecies Predicted Jesus?

One of the validating proofs for the Bible and the truth that Jesus is the Son of God are the many fulfilled prophecies about him.  We have in the Old Testament, an array of prophecies which extend over hundreds of years and yet find their complete fulfillment in the short thirty-year life span of one person, Jesus.

The Life of Jesus:  Foretold by Prophecy

 The following describes the Messiah Only from Old Testament prophecy

The messiah will descend from Shem[i], Abraham[ii], Isaac[iii], Jacob[iv], Judah[v], Jesse[vi], and the King David.[vii]  He will be born in the city of Bethlehem in the county of Ephrathah[viii] when a bright star appears.[ix]  It will be a miraculous, virgin birth.[x]

The Messiah will be unique, having preexisted His birth,viii He will perform many miracles:  calming the sea,[xi] causing the blind to see, the deaf to hear, the lame to walk, and the mute to talk.[xii] He will be referred to in many ways, including: God with us,x wonderful counselor, mighty God, everlasting Father, and prince of peace.[xiii]  He will be a great teacher and will use parables.[xiv]  One day He will rule over everything—all nations will bow down to Him.[xv], xxii

But the Messiah will come to save mankind.[xvi] He will become man’s sin offering16 and present Himself to Jerusalem as both the anointed King[xvii] and the Passover Lamb.  This will occur exactly 173,880 days after the decree by Artaxerxes to rebuild both Jerusalem and the temple.[xviii]  So, on April 6, 32 A.D.  the Messiah will present Himself  to a rejoicing Jerusalem riding on a donkey.  But then He will suffer greatly.xvi He will be rejected by many, including His friends.xvi He will be betrayed by a friendxxv  for 30 pieces of silver.  Later that money will be thrown on the floor of the temple[xix] and will eventually go to a potter.xix  At his trial He will not defend Himself.  He will say nothing except as required by law.  Israel will reject Him.[xx]

The Messiah will be taken to a mountaintop identified by Abraham as “the Lord will provide.”[xxi]  There He will be crucified with His hands and feet pierced.[xxii]  His enemies will encircle Him, mocking Him, xxii and will cast lots for His clothing. 22 He will call to God, asking why He was “forsaken”. xxii  He will be given gall and wine.[xxiii]  He will die with thieves. xvi   But, unlike the thieves, none of his bones will be broken. xxii    His heart will fail, xxii  as indicated by blood and water spilling out xxii  when He is pierced with a spear.[xxiv]  He will be buried in a rich man’s grave. xvi    In three days He will rise from the dead.xxii

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