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Facing Change – Part 2 (2 Kings 2:1-15)

Change or transition is hard, but we can face it bravely with God’s help. The transition in leadership from Elijah to Elisha reminds us to be ready for change, to seek the Holy Spirit’s filling, and to courageously take up … Continue reading

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Christ is Greater – Introduction to Hebrews

We’re diving into the wonderful epistle to the Hebrews.  Husbands and wives have you ever had a disagreement over whose job it is to brew the coffee every morning?  The Bible says it’s the husband’s job. This says He-brews, not … Continue reading

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Prophecies Predicted Jesus?

One of the validating proofs for the Bible and the truth that Jesus is the Son of God are the many fulfilled prophecies about him.  We have in the Old Testament, an array of prophecies which extend over hundreds of … Continue reading

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