You’re Contagious – Luke 13:20

We have all heard how contagious the coronavirus is, but did you know that your faith is just as contagious?  I hope we’ll embrace this truth, that we are all carriers. You are a carrier. Not necessarily of the virus, but we carry something.   Some of us might be a carrier of fear, and you’re passing around fear to anybody you interact with. Or we might be carrying faith and hope. What we’re carrying, we pass on to others.

Have you ever wished there were more Christians in Hollywood, Universities, or Politics?  I have.  It’s so easy to lament the lack of Christ followers in those spheres of influence.  In this parable Jesus explains how we don’t need a numeric majority to have a great influence on our neighborhoods, or even culture at large.  We should not despise small beginnings.  The virus is microscopic but we have seen it spread.  Our faith may start small, but it also grows.  The number of faith filled people may seem small, but it will grow and spread.

20 Again he asked, “What shall I compare the kingdom of God to? 21 It is like yeast that a woman took and mixed into about sixty pounds[a] of flour until it worked all through the dough.”  Luke 13:20-21

Jesus used a variety of parables to describe what the kingdom of God is like. Nothing on earth can completely explain the kingdom or give us an adequate picture of it, for the kingdom will be far beyond anything we could ever imagine. Jesus took this parable to explain that his kingdom would have a small beginning. The general expectation among Jesus’ hearers was that the Messiah would come as a great king and leader, freeing the nation from Rome and restoring Israel’s former glory. Jesus made it clear that his kingdom would not be a political coup overthrowing Roman oppression.  Instead, the kingdom would steadily grow in people’s hearts, making a difference in people’s lives and preparing them for life to come in that eternal kingdom.

In times like today we need followers of Christ who have Jesus inside of them and they influence everyone around them. No matter if God has called you to influence education, politics, entertainment, science, art, your neighborhood, or especially your home, the best way to do it is to be filled with the truth and love of Jesus Christ.

Remember, you’re contagious.  We are all carriers.  Is what you’re carrying worth catching?  I want to be spreading faith hope and love.  I hope you will join me.



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