Enough is Enough – Book of Numbers

Are you good at explaining your state of unhappiness due to a bad job, bad relationships or bad luck?  Are you open to explore a deeper reason: bad attitudes?

In “Enough is Enough” we’ll examine just how much our attitudes affect our lives. Drawing from the experience of the Israelites who grumbled through the wilderness in the book of Numbers, this series will show how bad attitudes rob us of joy, wholeness and are displeasing to God. Complaining, criticizing and coveting are not what our hearts were made for. They were made for thankfulness, contentment, and love. Is your heart straining under the weight of a bad attitude?  Join us if you are ready to change and say, “Enough is Enough.”

 Dates     Titles                      Scripture                           

 Feb.28 – Enough Complaining (Num. 10)

Mar.7 – Enough Coveting (Num. 11)

Mar. 14 – Enough Criticism (Num. 12)

Mar. 21 – Enough Doubting (Num. 13)

Mar. 28 – Enough Rebellion (Num. 16)

I hope you can join us for our series, Enough is Enough



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