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What do I do with my Anger towards God? – Jonah 4

Have you been angry lately?  I have.  Anger is a natural God given emotion.  It’s okay to be angry, what matters is what we do with our anger. In today’s passage Jonah was angry, but not at things or even … Continue reading

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Defusing Anger- Eph. 4 – Part 2

In the last post we covered “acknowledging our anger” and “dealing with our anger”, now the third way to defuse anger: Control My Anger Look at verse 29 where it says, “Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of … Continue reading

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Defusing Anger- Eph 4 – Part 1

Have you been angry lately?  There’s a lot of anger in our world right now. Typically there are three reactions to anger — being aggressive, passive, passive-aggressive or dismissive.  Many know that I love reptiles.  In most families there is … Continue reading

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Home Improvement – Ephesians

Would you say that, “A close knit family is a key to happiness?”  A high majority of Americans agree that statement is true according to the Harris Poll.  Fortunately the book of Ephesians shows us exactly how to build our … Continue reading

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