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The Beginning of Problems – Genesis 3

We come to Chapter 3 of Genesis with a heightened sense of anticipation. Big changes occur and this is vital information for us all.  Here is the ultimate explanation for the problems we see and experience in the world.   Here we … Continue reading

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Storms are Coming – Are we Ready?

 Patricia Goldman, the vice chairman of the National Transportation Safety Board, tells a story about a stewardess who, frustrated by passenger inattentiveness during her what-to-do-in-an-emergency talk at the beginning of each flight, changed the wording and said, “When the mask … Continue reading

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“Do I Want to Get Better?” Part 1

Think about this question through the lens of any ongoing long-term problem that you might have.  We all have different problems, but which ones persist and stay with you? You may have ongoing medical issues or an ongoing problem with … Continue reading

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