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I am the Living Water – John 4 – Part 2

In the last post we see that Jesus meets a Samaritan woman at the well. Although he confronted the woman’s sinful life, Jesus managed to affirm her truthfulness. He did not accuse or excuse; he simply described her life so … Continue reading

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Depression and the Bible – Psalm 42

At a local Jr College the Psychology professor asked his class to read a chapter on mental health.  In order to see what they learned he asked, (hoping to get the answer, “manic depression”),  “How would you diagnose a someone … Continue reading

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The Shelter of God’s Power – Psalm 95 Part 1

The same hands that hold the universe also hold you. In today’s post we will look God’s power in Psalm 95. The context of Psalm 95 is worship. It shows us HOW to worship and WHY we should worship: God … Continue reading

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What’s Your Golden Calf? – Exodus 32

Do you find it easy to forget all that God has done for you?  I do.  Instead of being thankful for eternal life in Christ, peace, forgiveness and purpose, I’m ashamed to say I wish for more.  Surrounded by the … Continue reading

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