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Matthew Invitation and Introduction

You’re Invited! Our new series beginning Easter 2023 is…. Matthew– “The Kingdom of Heaven” (6 weeks) Description: Jesus taught us to pray, “Your Kingdom Come, your will be done.”  Matthew’s account of Jesus is centered on the coming “Kingdom of … Continue reading

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As Jesus Changes Hearts, Slavery Dies – Philemon

Our current series is based on the New Testament book of Philemon.   Philemon is about a run away slave named Onesimus who is returned to his master Philemon.  It’s a personal letter written from the apostle Paul to Philemon with … Continue reading

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Touched By Jesus – Mark 8

Have you ever heard of the term “untouchable?”  It refers to class of people that are despised, rejected, looked down upon and often abused.  Unfortunately we still have this reality today, but it was especially common in Jesus day to … Continue reading

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Resurrected Hero – Mark 16

Jesus is our Resurrected Hero!  Regardless of what is happening in the world right now that might tempt us to believe otherwise; the risen Christ reminds us that He is able to bring hope where there is despair, joy where there is grief, love where there is indifference, … Continue reading

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