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Proverbs Reading Challenge – Chapter 8

PROVERBS 8   Proverbs 8 has more to say about wisdom.  We can break it into three major sections: Wisdom Calls (8:1-11) (8:1–3). This is Wisdom’s second appeal, after 1:20–33. Wisdom calls for an audience at the places where she is … Continue reading

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Family Matters – Ruth 2

Have you ever felt closer to an extended family member more so than anyone from your nuclear family?  Do you have friends at church; spiritual family members that are more committed to you than your physical family?  God brings amazing … Continue reading

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Christ is Greater – Introduction to Hebrews

We’re diving into the wonderful epistle to the Hebrews.  Husbands and wives have you ever had a disagreement over whose job it is to brew the coffee every morning?  The Bible says it’s the husband’s job. This says He-brews, not … Continue reading

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What’s the Big Deal About Prophecy?

Why is prophecy important?   It tells us truths about the future we are unable to know.  We are obsessed by the future.  We want to know what will happen and we worry.  When someone can foretell the future accurately, it gets … Continue reading

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