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God’s Completed Work – Esther 9-10

God finishes what He starts. God finished creation. God finished the work to secure salvation on the cross. God will finish all of His work in order to fulfill prophecy of end times. At the end of the book of … Continue reading

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Staying Strong After Failure

What do we do when we realize we’ve blown it? What happens when we realize there some things that we can’t undo? When we’re embarrassed by our actions, when we’ve hurt the people that we love, and we didn’t listen … Continue reading

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Justice League

Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern. Superheroes. The world longs for them. Always arriving in the nick of time to ward off evil, beat up bad guys, prevent corruption, and promote truth and justice and goodness. The book of Judges is … Continue reading

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Our Worst Enemy is Ourself

Our worst enemy is our self.  Occupying the same skin that we occupy, using same brain that we use, and using the same hands that we use. This enemy can do more harm to us than anyone else. There are … Continue reading

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