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Proverbs Reading Challenge – Chapter 10

PROVERBS 10   Congratulations, you’re 1/3rd the way through Proverbs! Proverbs 10 begins the “Second Major Section” with short couplets (two statements that are connected often with but, and or so… ex: “hatred stirs up strife, but love covers all sins” … Continue reading

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God Calls Us – Exodus 3

Imagine being called up by the President of the United States and being asked to come serve on his cabinet. The future of the entire country is on the line, and he wants your assistance. What would you do? What … Continue reading

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Courage to Accept My Leadership Role

You are a leader in some area and leadership is overwhelming.  Have you ever felt overwhelmed by what you have to do? As a parent I remember experiencing this feeling the first time I brought our son home from the … Continue reading

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Drama Free

Drama is a drain and a pain. Not “drama” as in movies and TV shows that are heavy emotionally, but rather “drama” as in the petty ridiculous unimportant events or feelings that get blown way out of proportion for no … Continue reading

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