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Jesus Changes People – Acts 9

The conversion of Saul of Tarsus, the leading persecutor of the Christians, was perhaps the greatest event in church history after the coming of the Spirit at Pentecost. The next great event would be the conversion of the Gentiles (Acts … Continue reading

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As Jesus Changes Hearts, Slavery Dies – Philemon

Our current series is based on the New Testament book of Philemon.   Philemon is about a run away slave named Onesimus who is returned to his master Philemon.  It’s a personal letter written from the apostle Paul to Philemon with … Continue reading

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Why the Bible is a Bestseller.

The Bible is the world’s best sold book but search the best seller lists and you won’t find it anywhere, top to bottom. It makes you wonder. If it’s a best seller why isn’t it on the list? Well, the … Continue reading

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